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  • Ben Mulling

    Ben Mulling

    CMA, CPA, CITP; CFO, TENTE Casters

    Associate of Science in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati; Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Northern Kentucky University; MBA from Liberty University
    More 10 years of experience in management accounting
    Interesting Fact:
    Mulling became a CFO by the time he turned 28.
    CPA Advice:

    You have to have a schedule for everything. I meet plenty of people who want to get their certification and order all the materials and exercises, but then push the work off. You have to create a schedule and stick to it. Studying basically consumes your life until you get certified, and a lot of people can't handle that. Your life is essentially all accounting every day. You have to spend time in a book every day. If you can't handle that, if you can't stay on that kind of schedule, it's not going to work for you. People I've seen that are successful have the textbooks on their phone, or they carry a backpack filled with their materials around with them all the time. These are the people who will succeed. Earning their certification has been embedded into their daily routine. If you can do that, you too will succeed. I'm confident of that.

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