BS in Accounting from Kaplan University

Degree Requirements: Accounting is a highly beneficial concentration in the field of business. With constantly changing financial laws and tougher requirements placed on companies and their operating finances, accounting continues to prove to be a challenging and competitive field. To earn a bachelor degree in accounting at Kaplan University, the student must complete a total of 180 hours, with credits in core courses including communications, mathematics, social science, and arts and humanities. The program also requires 11 classes, which is 55 hours worth of accounting specific courses, 24 hours of major electives and 59 hours of open electives. Accounting specific courses include Accounting I and II, Intermediate Accounting I and II, Managerial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Business Math, and Business Law, amongst others. The cost per credit hour at Kaplan University in this program is $371, with many students being eligible to qualify for financial aid.

Degree Benefits: Earning a bachelor degree in accounting will give the student a solid background in plenty of beneficial fields such as finance, economics, law, and management. Graduates of this degree have a large career selection to choose from, as an accounting degree is a diverse field in which there are many career paths to follow. In addition, this degree will improve work and communication skills, and better the understanding of cost principles and terms. Many students with this degree go on to pursue a career as accountants and auditors. According to the United States Department of Labor, accountants and auditors earned a median annual wage of $59,430 in 2008, and job outlook in the field was expected to increase 22% by the year 2018. As the business and accounting world continues to grow, it is important to have well-trained and goal orientated candidates in these highly beneficial positions, and having your bachelors in accounting is surely an important way to start.