AA in Business Administration from American InterContinental University

Degree Requirements: Business Administration is a key factor in today’s growing field of business. The University of American InterContinental University’s business program offers students the opportunity to learn basics and fundamentals while also preparing them for today’s demanding business world. To earn this degree, students will need to take 20 courses, a total of 90 credits, including 27 credits in general courses such as english, mathematics, biology, and computers. The requirements of this degree also include 36 credits in core classes such as introductory business, accounting, business management, and principles of marketing. This specific degree is designed to meet lower level bachelor’s degree requirements with the intention of an easy transition for the students to complete the bachelor’s degree program in business administration as well. The classes for this program cost about $260 per hour and the majority of students qualify for financial aid, tuition reimbursements, and other types of funding to help ease the costs of tuition.

Degree Benefits: An associate degree in business leaves your career open for a variety of career paths. After earning an associate degree in business administration, students can go into entry level jobs such as in accounting, human resources positions, customer service, administrative assistant, store or office manager, or an executive assistant. Associate degree holders starting out in these positions can earn an estimated $32,000. With such a wide career pool in this specific degree, there should be plenty of jobs to choose from. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, entry level administrative assistants and secretaries currently rank among occupations with the largest number of job openings, and in 2008 where the largest occupations in the US. Between 2008-2018, these positions are expected to increase 11%. Students hoping to further their education can do so by taking another 20 courses, which can be finished in about two years. Earning a bachelor degree could benefit students by entering a career that offers higher starting salaries in the $37,000 area up to about $88,000 per year.