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What to Do With a Rude Roomie

Most college students end up with a roommate that they like just fine. Some end up being best friends, while others will simply get along until the semester is over. Every once in awhile, however, students are paired as roommates who simply aren’t a good match. If you’ve been paired with a roomie you feel is rude, abusive or just plain a pain to live with, you might be pretty frustrated and upset. After all, it’s more than likely not what you thought your college experience would be like. While you may have to suffer through a few months of rooming with someone you really, really dislike, there are some ways to lesson the tension and try to work through it.

Talk to your roommate. Sometimes what you feel is rude is simply a misunderstanding. You may be coming from different cultures or backgrounds and have different ideas of what’s appropriate and what’s not. Try talking out your issues before you get too angry or upset with your roommate. You may just be able to come to a solution.

Try to find a compromise. Sharing space can be hard, especially if you have different schedules or function best at different times of the day. Try to meet somewhere in the middle when it comes to issues you have with your roomie. Only when you’ve exhausted those options do you have a real problem to deal with.

Get help. Sometimes it can be helpful to see things from an outside perspective. Talk to your RA or an impartial person on your floor. He or she may be able to find a way for you to work out your differences amicably, or at least not want to kill each other.

Handle conflict calmly. Getting upset will not help the situation. Even if you are completely in the right and your roommate is totally out of bounds, yelling, screaming, crying and making a scene will not help you one bit. Calm down and deal with things as rationally as possible.

Look into transferring rooms. If there is simply no way to make things work between you and your roommate, check with your college about transferring rooms or getting your own single room. It might be a pain and could cost more, but it might just save your sanity, too.

While you should do all you can work through conflicts with your roommate, some people simply aren’t compatible. If you can’t find a way to work things out, find a solution that lets you go your own separate ways so you can both have a happier, healthier college experience.

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