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Degrees to Get Right Now

It’s no secret that some industries are still suffering from the recession, and the hopes of making full recoveries and bouncing back aren’t looking too great. But while some industries continue to suffer, other industries are flourishing and continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Some industries are expected to experience tremendous growth over the next several years and the majority of them will have a need for educated and skilled workers in the field.

The healthcare field is expected to grow at an increasingly fast rate over the next several years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, 10 of 20 of the fastest growing jobs over the next several years are related to healthcare and the field will generate 3.2 million jobs by 2018, which is more than any other industry. This means healthcare jobs will be in high demand and those with the education, knowledge, skills, and training necessary to excel in the field should have the best job opportunities. There are plenty of degree programs related to healthcare and most online colleges and universities offer associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in healthcare, healthcare administration, and nursing. For students interested in pursuing higher level jobs with higher salaries, many online colleges and universities also offer students interested in graduate school degrees at the master’s and doctorate levels.

As technology and computers continue to constantly change and evolve the industry will continue to grow and expand at a fast rate. The need for computer engineers, computer specialists, and computer administrators specifically will bring large job growth to the industry over the next several years. Those areas are expected to create over 650,000 news jobs in the industry. Many online colleges and universities offer students associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in information technology and computer science. For those students interested in graduate school, many schools also offer students the opportunity to earn master’s degrees in information systems or technology and other computer science fields.

Business degrees are great degrees to earn because they prepare students with the the skills and knowledge they need to excel in a number of different fields. Business degrees enable students to develop skills they will need in leadership positions, and majoring in business will allow you to be ready to enter careers in industries that are flourishing and looking for qualified individuals. Common careers for business graduates include manager, specialist, assistant manager, systems or financial analyst, and organization representative. Business degrees concentrate on general education and core courses such as finance, management, and business policies. Associate’s and bachelor’s level degree programs exist at a number of colleges and universities and graduate business schools can be found in many online schools as well.

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