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Joining a College Honor Society

If you’re a standout student, you’ve probably gotten a few letters from honor societies asking you to join. Most of these come with fees attached and many students may wonder if the cost is really worth it or if the honor society is legitimate at all. The truth is that most of the letters you’re getting are from real, established honor societies and it is pretty cool to be asked to join. It can not only make a great addition to your resume, but will allow you to meet with students who share your interests and passion for academics. Here are a few things every student should know before joining any college honor society.

Check to make sure the honor society is certified with the The Association of College Honor SocietiesIf you’re worried that an honor society might not be legit, check to see if its a member of this organization. Most reputable societies will be and that information can help you feel much more secure in joining the group.

The fee doesn’t come without benefits. Yes, honor societies cost money, but that money isn’t just for you to put the honor society on your resume. You’ll be able to attend events, network with alums and take advantage of many services provided by the society, making it well worth the investment for many students.

Do your research. If you’re unsure about joining an honor society, take the time to research the ones that are interested in you. Ask your professors and other students about them and look them up online. You may just find that they have a lot to offer you and can make a much more educated decision about joining.

Know that honor societies are very selective. Not a lot of students are asked to join, so if you get an invite, you must be doing pretty well in school. Don’t shrug off the honor, joining could be a great addition to your resume and the connections you make may help you find work.

If you have questions, ask. Any honor society worth its salt will be willing to answer any questions you have about what they do and what they offer. There should be no mysteries. If an honor society isn’t being up front with you, you might be better off joining another.

If you’ve been honored with an invite to join an honor society, you’ll want to make sure the group is legitimate and has something to offer you. Once you’ve got that down, you can brag to your friends and family about your inclusion in these highly regarded groups.

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