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How To Choose Your College Major

It’s a challenging decision that every young student entering college faces- choosing a major. Choosing a major is an extremely important decision because it is not only the center of what you will be studying for the next few years, but also because it is likely to lead you to a career you wish to pursue. Even though declaring a major isn’t set in stone and you can switch majors if you need to, it’s not guaranteed that you won’t loose time and earning your degree is likely to take a bit longer. Choosing a major isn’t always easy, but there are some things you can do to help you decide which major is right for you.

Assessing your skills is a good way to help you decide which major is best for you. Make a list of which skills you are strongest in and which skills you are confident practicing is a good way to start deciding on a major. Ask yourself questions about the types of skills you have and if you could pursue careers that rely on those skills. For example, if you have strong skills in mathematics you can consider a major in accounting or finance, and if you have strong writing skills and feel confident about the skills you have, then pursuing a major in communication or journalism would be ideal.

Noting your interests is also an important step in deciding how to choose your college major. Because it will be something you will be studying for years and will most likely end up being an industry you pursue a career in, your major must be something that interests you. To help decide your interests you should ask yourself what types of things you want to achieve once you earn your degree and venture into the professional and career world. For example, if you wish to help people a degree in criminal justice, social work, or healthcare would be ideal, or if you wish to build and create things then a major in science or engineering would be great fit.

When choosing a major, you should also take personal values and considerations into account. Money, travel, and free time are all things you should take into account when deciding on a major. If your salary is most important to you, choose a major that is likely to qualify you for a top level or high paying position. If you wish to travel a lot, pick a major that seems to fit with occupations that require sales or frequent traveling. If you don’t mind working long hours and occasional over time, choose a major with careers that are fast paced and require long hours.

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